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WowReach is a multi-realm World Of Warcraft private server based on unique concepts dedicated to enhance your ingame & web experience with a very professional website designed to improve the gamers social interactions.
The team who works behind the scene has years of experience in the field
& its main motivation is producing the best possible quality.

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    Avast, mateys! Commoners outfitted as scurvy pirates have appeared in all the world’s cities bringing rum news: the Dread Captain DeMeza and her crew have landed in Booty Bay and declared this day to be Pirates’ Day! If you...

    19/09/2014 - 313 views
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  • 37

    Dear players, Yesterday we had a teamspeak conference with the community. We would like to thank everyone for showing up. We will cover most of the important subjects discussed at the conference in this topic. Player Versus Player Severa...

    24/08/2014 - 1056 views
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    Greetings WoWReach Community! We understand that players have a lot of questions about our servers right now and the future of it, that's why we're going to hold a press conference. The Press Conference will take place on S...

    16/08/2014 - 1017 views
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  • 21

    Hello everyone. Here are some cool new features we brought to you the last few days. Here is a recap: I hope you enjoyed the new features because more are coming. Have fun & take care! ps: Thanks to the staff who helped ...

    11/08/2014 - 790 views
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    Dear players, We start with apologies for not being as active with you as we used or supposed to be. It's been a busy couple of weeks for us. We stepped away from the weekly news and changed it to "WoWReach News'', we wil...

    03/08/2014 - 486 views
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    24/05/2014 - 1861 views
  • Awesome new video from OMFG.GG Network
    16/12/2013 - 3796 views -



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