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WowReach is a multi-realm World Of Warcraft private server based on unique concepts dedicated to enhance your ingame & web experience with a very professional website designed to improve the gamers social interactions.
The team who works behind the scene has years of experience in the field
& its main motivation is producing the best possible quality.

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    First of all! Congratulations Zharkan, he has been promoted to moderator! Congratulation Nisa, it's her birthday on wednesday the 23th of April! Arena Season 1 has end, more information can be found >here<. Arena ...

    20/04/2014 - 170 views
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    Dear players, Arena Season 2 has started and will last roughly 3 months. We let you know 3 weeks before hand when the season will end. What's important to know for this season. It will occur with 4.0.6 gear, not with 4.2 gear. That&...

    19/04/2014 - 143 views
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    You can now request a refund of your lost loot in raid, for more information check the this topic Ingame Refund Policy Keep in mind that Arena Season 1 is ending next week, more information regarding season 2 will be posted soon! The...

    13/04/2014 - 243 views
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    Maverin is now a senior gamemaster. We would like bid Clawstep farwell, he's no longer in the staff. It's not easy being GREEN event has end, the grand winner is Sharitha the rest of the winners can be found >here< Congrat...

    05/04/2014 - 292 views
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    Weekly News Post We would like to congratulate Dracule & Shiv they are now promoted to full time gamemasters Nisa is now a recruitment manager, if you have questions before making an application you can contact her. (For developers spo...

    30/03/2014 - 414 views
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    16/12/2013 - 2280 views
  • WOTLK under spotlight
    17/06/2013 - 1824 views -
  • New WowReach video!
    16/05/2013 - 3044 views -

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